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The Eternal Promise of Couple Rings : The Meaning and Variation of Styles

A Timeless Symbol of Love The choice of an engagement ring Examining its Meaning, Styles and Materials.

The tradition of engagement rings is a long and rich one. They signify engagement and vow to marry. But why rings? The ring's circular form and its lack of a clear start or finish is a universal symbol of everlasting love and dedication. The ring finger was believed to have a direct link to the heart. It was placed on the left. The Middle Ages, women were traditionally presented with an engagement ring by their spouses in order to show their commitment to marriage, and it was deemed not appropriate to wear a ring solely for decorative purpose.

What's the reason to give an engagement ring for your partner? Its significance lies in the announcement of the forthcoming wedding. And in a traditional sense, it's a man who selects and presents this precious ring to his wife.

The significance behind an engagement Ring

The engagement ring will set an event date for the wedding vows. The ideal choice is to choose a ring that expresses the style and taste of the lady who will be receiving it. If a bride wants to keep her wedding simple, she will not be seeking a ring that has excessive bling, but rather an elegant and sophisticated piece. Etiquette requires that the ring be presented a year before the wedding, even though there isn't a fixed rule.

Types of Engagement Rings Material and Styles

The history of diamond engagement ring can be traced through the Victoria era, but it was during the contemporary period that the De Beers family, known as the professionals in the diamond industry, initiated a significant advertising campaign in 1938. The campaign was supported by Hollywood actors and singers. Frances Gerety, a copywriter from 1948 invented "A diamond is for ever" as the infamous slogan. This helped establish this tradition all over the world.

Secure your love with nothing other than the gold ring that has a diamond and diamond Eternal Ring is made out of rose gold in 9k, and its external curvature contains a bright, symbol of a lasting and pure love. Rose gold is becoming more and more associated with romantic love. This sentiment is not only for younger women. In comparison to white and yellow gold, rose gold exudes originality and class, bringing an additional layer of romance and elegance to jewelry. Not everyone is a fan of diamonds. Some are also drawn to the stunning colors and facets of natural stones like amethyst quartz, prasiolite. Amethyst with its stunning purple hue, is a symbol of the purity of our spirit Quartz is the symbol of life and vitality. Prasiolite is a mysterious green gemstone that has a mystic and allure. The meaning of these stones make them even more appropriate for such a precious jewel. If your loved one is equally captivated by the beauty of natural stones opt for the 9 carat Gold solitaire with square stone, cushion cut and "mosaic" faceting.

Where Do we wear engagement ring typically?

It is vital to understand where to wear an engagement ring because of its significant value. Etiquette in this case follows an old tradition linking the location of the engagement ring with the wedding bands. The tradition dictates that the engagement ring should be worn on the left hand ring finger up to the time of wedding, and then moved to the right hand ring finger before the ceremony. No matter what, regardless of whether it's on either the right hand or left hand, the ring should always be worn on the finger with the ring. In the past, it was believed that the ring finger was connected to the heart via the "Vena Amoris" Also known as "Vein of Love". After the wedding ceremony, it is customary to put rings on the same left-hand finger.

If you've got the entire details about the significance of the engagement ring, all you have to do is to pick the best diamond for your partner from the Bronzallure shop. It will immortalize your strong love. The Eternelle collection consists of semi-precious stones that carry powerful symbolic value. These include amethysts, topazes, quartzes and prasiolites. You can be sure that your choice is impeccable with its original and unique design. This ring will last and leave a lasting impression.


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